XC Training Calendar Available

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Runners & Superfans

This 2017 practice calendar is your one stop shop for all you XC scheduling needs and practice times.  The calendar is designed to serve as both a practice & meet schedule but as well as a training log.  Runners are going to be strongly encouraged to maintain some form of running journal.  To do this they will need two things: a watch and a journal.  Please make sure that all runners have a watch and some sort of journal to record their practice runs & meet times in.  A running journal is one of the major keys to success in any endurance sport.  Greg Lemond the greatest American cyclist said “It never gets easier you just go faster” and if runners can’t see that they are getting faster then the whole running process just becomes hard.  Runners can record their workouts on the calendar that I provide them,  a purchased running journal, a plain composition book, or online using the website http://www.strava.com.  Any of these methods are acceptable and will free these runners up from countless extra sit-ups and push-ups.  Should you have any questions then please feel free to contact me.


Duane Fabro

This link should (I hope) open the calendar. If it doesn’t, I have given your runner a hard copy.

2017 XC training schedule


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