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Hermitage Invitational Information

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Runners & Superfans,

This Saturday the Strafford XC team will be attending the Hermitage XC inviational at Pomme de Terre Lake, Outlet Park in Hermitage, MO.  This park is located directly below the dam in Hermitage, MO.  Students will need to board the bus at 7:00 am at Strafford high school.  I will list all the specifics below:

8:45 coaches meeting

9:00 am Varsity Boys (7 runners)

9:30 Varsity Girls

10:00 am JV Boys and Girls High School

10:40 MS Boys

11:00 MS Girls

11:20 Open Elementary/Adult run. Free

Awards: 30 medals for Varsity, JV, & middle school

Plaques for top two teams: Varsity, JV, and middle school.

Concession stand and Invitational T-Shirts will be available.

We will be stopping for some snacks at a convenience store on the way home so any runner riding the bus back can budget for some food.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Coach Fabro


Fair Grove Run This Friday

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Runners & Superfans,

The high school cross country team will be doing our annual Fair Grove run this Friday in support of the football team and community.  High school runners will meet after school and board the bus to Fair Grove around 3:30. I am hoping to depart from Fair Grove high school around 4 and we should arrive in Strafford around 5:45 – 6.  We will be taking it easy and having fun while we make the big trip back home.  We do have someone driving a support car with water and snacks and in case someone needs a lift to make it back.  This is completely voluntary and is not required practice time.  Runners need to also consider their current fitness level and make a decision on whether they can make the whole run.  Runners are asked to wear their jersey and a handkerchief headband.  I will provide feathers for the runners. Parents and alumni are welcomed to join us on the run.

Please let me know if you have questions and thanks for your support of the Strafford XC team.

Bolivar Invitational 9/15/15

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Runners & Superfans,

The Strafford XC team will be traveling to the SBU campus to run the Bolivar Invitational on September 15th, 2015. Students will be released from class at 2:10 so they can change and board the bus.  After the meet, parents are more than welcome to take their child home, but they must sign out with either Coach Fabro or Coach Clements.  High school runners need to complete a cool down run and stretch after the race and before they can leave.  This is very important to their health and future conditioning.  This should only take about 30 minutes and then they are free to go.  The bus will be arriving back at Strafford High School at approximately 7:30 pm.

Below is information concerning the race.


Plaques for top two teams in all races


25 medals for each Varsity Boys and Girls races

25 medals for each JV Boys and Girls races

25 medals for each JH Boys and JH Girls races 7th and 8th

Course Information: The course is on the SBU (Southwest Baptist University) campus. The footing is decent. The entire course is on mowed grass with the athletes having to cross asphalt road a few times. The course has a little bit of everything. There will be wide open and narrow paths, hills and grades to traverse. I have made it as coach/spectator/athlete friendly as possible. We will provide water. There will be bathrooms but no locker rooms to change in.
Meet Information: The JH will run first at 1.5 miles, girls followed by boys. If there are not many athletes we will combine boys and girls JH races. Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys 5k, JV Girls/Boys combined can shortened if conditions warrant a change, depending on the heat. Plaques received for top two teams Boys and Girls. The top 20 athletes will receive medals, in all races these will be passed out in the chute. Coaches meeting will be at 3:30pm and racing will begin at 3:50pm. We will begin the races as quickly as possible with the JH races then Varsity Girls then the Varsity Boys and finishing with the JV Girls and Boys. Scores will be posted and you may pick up your team plaques at the scorer’s table. There will be no award presentation meeting after the meet. We will be on a rolling schedule and try to get the athletes home and out of the heat as soon as we can. Thank you again for coming and Good Luck to you and your team.

Schedule: These are estimated, we will go on a rolling schedule.
3:30pm Coaches Meeting
4:00pm JH/middle school Girls 7th & 8th grade
4:20pm JH/middle school Boys 7th & 8th grade
4:40pm Varsity Girls
5:15pm Varsity Boys
5:45pm JV Girls & Boys combined

Runners & Superfans,

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents, teachers, and runners who helped make this event a success.  With changing venues I knew there were going to be some issues, but I think we did a great job.  I heard lots of compliments from coaches and parents about the course and how the meet was run and I want you to know that we couldn’t have done it without you.  THANKS A TON.

We had a great turn out of schools and some amazing young talent on hand.  The boys ran amazingly and were able to take 2nd place behind Catholic.  Strafford tied with Plato for 2nd and took home the silver with Patrick Davis breaking the tie finishing 50th over Plato’s sixth runner at 55th place.  Every runner counts and it takes a team to win. Nice job fellas.

Practices have now been moved to the afternoon, Monday through Friday, for all runners.  High school runners will still meet in the mornings on Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays for circuits.  We will not meet in the morning if it is a day after a meet. (Example: Tuesday night meet = No Wednesday morning practice) but we will run in the afternoon regardless.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks again for all your help and look forward to seeing everyone this racing season.

Coach Fabro

Runners & Superfans,

This Saturday, September 5th, will be the kick-off of the 2015 season with the Strafford Invitational.  I’m excited to announce that this year’s meet will be held at Fellows Lake on an amazing course.  Compared to the school course, runners will have an all grass route to run on and some challenging hills all mixed with some great scenery.  Please come out and join us and support the runnin’ Indians of Strafford.

    1. 7:45 am Coaches meeting @ the pavilion
    2. 8:00 am jr. high boys and girls 
    3. 8:30 am High School boys – all boys run
    4. 9:15 am High School girls – all girls run
  1. Medals: 30 high school boys, 30 high school girls, 20 jr. high boys, & 20 jr. high girls.
  2. Runners will receive a placing card and they can match their place up with the print out to get their official time.  I will be collecting tags and typing up a finishers list with times and scores. There are no team awards.
  3. Directions to Fellows Lake from Hwy 65 and I-44:
    1. Go north on 65 for approximately 5 miles
    2. Turn left on Hwy AA and travel ¼ mile to the fork and stay right. There is a brown sign indicating Fellows Lake.
    3. Turn right on Farm Rd 197 and follow it until you cross the lake and stay left
    4. Farm Road 197 turns into Farm Rd 66
    5. Continue on Farm Rd 66 until you reach the 3rd Fellows Lake entrance (GATE #2). I will have a sign there indicating the entrance.
    6. Turn left into the park and follow the park road to the start location.  Runners can be dropped at the start and buses will continue on to bus parking.  I’m hoping to keep all traffic going in one direction so please let parents know how to enter and exit the park.
  4. Course maps can be viewed at the following website and printed for your convenience: