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2012 XC schedule Revised

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Parents and Runners,

Here is a copy of the 2012 xc schedule.  If you had the old schedule you will need to change it out to this one.  We have added a Willow Springs meet on the 6th of September and a Pleasant Hope meet on the 25th of September.  The Ash Grove meet was dropped.


2012 xc schedule new



That’s Why I Run

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Here is a link to an amazing article written by a 16 year old runner from Ridgewood, New Jersey.  She does an excellent job of capturing what it means to be a distance runner no matter what your ability.


That’s Why I Run: Running Times Article

2012 XC is here!

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I’m excited to announce that the 2012 cross country season has officially started.  Strafford runners hit the roads on August 6th to kick off the first day of practice and the kids are already looking amazing.  It will always hold true that November champions are made in the summer and our kids are a testament to what lots of hard summer work will produce.

This summer we had a great group of kids for summer workouts.  Consistently, we had both the varsity boys and varsity girls out running 3 times a week, in addition to the miles that the kids were putting in on their own time.  During July we had an amazing team camp with roughly 32 kids in attendance as well as some graduated seniors who came back to run with and encourage the team.  Runners also had a choice to attend the Rogersville running camp or the Southwest Missouri Running Camp in July and several of our runners had very successful weeks at these camps.

Both the boys and girls teams are looking forward to building on the success and miles of the previous years and putting together another great year of running .  I would like to thank all the runners and parents for making a commitment to the summer running and training.  Without a solid base of mileage in the summer a young runner has no chance of reaching his/her full potential in the fall.  Already we are seeing glimpses of glory in our training runs and the kids are off to an amazing start.

Last year I was very excited about how this website worked and the small following that we have developed.  I’m hoping to put even more information on the site and would like to ask all parents and runners to please sign up to be a follower of our page.  This seems to be the best way to get out a lot of positive information and highlights of our kids to the public.  Please feel free to get the extended family on board as well.

I’m looking forward to working with both the kids and parents this summer and am very excited about another great season of Strafford Indians cross country.