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On Saturday November 5th all the hard work came to a completion with the running of the state cross-country meet at Oak Hills Golf Course in Jefferson City.  It was a bitter-sweet day for the Strafford Cross country program.  On one hand we had a fantastic day of racing and on the other so did everyone else.  Both the boys and girls ran excellent races and gave absolutely 100% of their very best effort only to fall a bit short of the podium.  When the dust cleared and the scores were calculated the boys finished 7th in the state and the girl’s team finished 6th and only 7 points off of the stage.  Needless to say we were all a little disappointed in the scores, especially after the tremendous effort that was put forth by every member of the team.

It was only after a belly full of Mexican food and a long bus ride home that I really began to appreciate how far these kids and this program have come in the past few years.  I realized that it was greed that blinded me to the true blessings that our program was able to enjoy that day and all the great experiences that many other schools would have loved to have.  Here is just a small list of the great things that happened on Saturday:

1. Katlyn Hatz finished 22nd in the class 2 girls race with a time of 21:35. Bringing home the first All-State medal for the Strafford girl’s cross-country program.

2.  Ashley Wilks competes in her 4th straight state meet, and to our best knowledge is the first runner from Strafford ever to do so.

3. Boys 3rd straight state meet appearance.  With a record of 12th place, 2nd place, and 7th place.

4. Girls 2 time district champions and 2nd straight state appearance. 6th both times.

5. An excellent finish for the girl’s team with the 5th Strafford girl beating every other team’s 5th runner.

6. Jackson Eicken a sophomore leading the boy’s varsity team at state with a time of 18:17 and a 31st finish.  Not to mention Anthony Gott a sophomore and Zach Reid a freshman competing at the state meet.

7. Two days of great fun with friends and family celebrating an incredible year of running

When I was able to put aside my wants and focus on what I and this school truly have the day seemed to be much brighter.  Thank you to all 50+ cross-country runners who made this one of the best years for cross-country ever.  The future looks bright and Strafford will continue to leave our mark on the Oak Hills Golf Course.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the runners, parents, and staff here at Strafford schools.  You make this one of the best places to work and coach.

Duane Fabro

Katlyn Hatz running her way to all-state honors at the 2011 state cross-country meet


Jackson Eicken leading the Strafford boys at the state meet. Toe shoes flyin'